In the current business world, if an organization desires to rigorously market its products and services, and if it wishes to be omnipresent, then its presence on the Web is of paramount importance. The growth of the internet coupled with the growth of computers and smartphones has searched for information to be quick and cheap. Organizations want their data to gather, store, and distribute their data to varied clientele across the globe. Those needs have facilitated these organizations, business enterprises, and institutions to embrace the idea of domain registration and web hosting.

The Essence of Domain Registration for New Websites

When a company develops a new website, and it wants the site to go online, it will be necessary to register its new domain name with a domain registrar. InterNic accomplishes this, a body managing a database containing all domains that have been registered so far. The domain name is peculiar and thus cannot be duplicated.

The first mandatory step for registration of a domain name is the search for the availability of the domain name. ‘whois’ database does this under InterNic of some other agency. After the name has been selected, the second thing in domain hosting is the selection of an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that will host the site. Registering with ‘Network solutions’ will cost you an initial fee of around the US $70 and after that an annual fee of around the US $35.

You can decide to use a generic domain or a country-specific domain. The generic domains are the ones that end with a dot like .com, .net, .org and .edu among others, whereas country specific domains are the one ones ending with a country name such as .in (India), .uk (United Kingdom), .au (Australia) and .nl (Netherlands) among others.

Selecting the Domain Registration Service Providers

Numerous domain name registration providers have cropped into the market. The fundamental criteria for choosing among these many are the registration fee and promptitude in handling additional transactions. Many of the companies give a free registration for a particular duration, usually a year if domain hosting is done through them.

What are the Criteria for Web hosting?

There are two options for web hosting and these include opting for a service provider or having one’s web server. The service provider option can be done via Internet Service provider, free web hosting service, or by using a paid service provider. The criteria for selecting an ISP will depend on many factors such as price, space, available services, access speed, and server-side programming support.