Imagine you are planning to open your store. So the first thing you’ll do is have a name for your store and look for a place to start it, and this place is mostly rental. In the online market, the Domain name is like your store name and Hosting is the place which you take on rent to run your website. Let us understand the features of Domain and Web Hosting packages.

Features of Domain name

People identify other people or places by their names and this makes it easy to recollect. Similarly, internet users identify your website by your domain name. It acts as a digital address to your site.

When the internet began, the domain names were all numbers, like a computer code. E.g., This was not only difficult to remember but equally hard to recollect. Considering this problem domain names were given alphabetical names desired by the webmasters. E.g.,

This changed the scenario of internet markets. People started to identify websites; Internet became popular and almost every business wanting a slice of the online market had a website for their own business.

Structure of Domain name:

  • https://This is the protocol of the domain name.
  • www
  • This is used as an alias. (it is an optional feature)
  • ABC
  • This is the name desired by the webmaster
  • .com
  • This is the extension of the domain name

Web Hosting Features:

Web Hosting is the storage space you acquire on a server for hosting your website. These storage space packages vary depending on the need of the webmaster. Let us understand their features.

Features of Web Hosting packages:

Web Hosting packages depend on the following significant factors.

Operating System:

You can choose between a Windows server or a Linux server to host your website. Linux is the most preferred server.

Storage Space:

Storage space depends on the need of the webmaster. The service provider offers storage space as required.

The speed of Server:

The speed of the server is essential as it can influence the website loading speed.

Shared Hosting:

A website is hosted on a server where other sites are also hosted.

Dedicated Hosting:

A website is hosted on a dedicated server.

Data Center:

Multiple servers are used to host a single website.

Businesses use web hosting packages depending on the size of their business and their goal/aim of having a website. Service providers offer standard web hosting packages as well as custom web hosting packages to business depending on their business need